May Beauty Stars - My Favourite Beauty Products this Month

I always enjoy reading these kinds of posts on other blogs, but haven't yet done a round up of recent beauty loves all in one post. Well, since I have finished all my exams and I want to get back into the habit of being a good beauty blogger I though that this would be a good time to gather together some old and new makeup bits that have been making me happy in the month of May.

My best eyebrow routine
I have been experimenting with different combinations of products for my eyebrows for what feel like for ever, but it seems like I have finally found my Perfect Eyebrows™ for my taste. I kind of love those crazy concealer brows with a strong highlight on other ladies but they look ridiculous on my baby face, and totally unkempt brows are out of the question ever since I came to realise how much of a positive effect a great eyebrow has on the face.

The following image is a good example of my eyebrows looking how I like them to look. Arched, defined yet with a little softness.

For this I have found that the best ingredient are ELF Eyebrow Kit in Blonde which is clearly far too light for my brows but I found a way to make it work. It is a dual sided products which contains a sticky wax and a coordinating powder, as well as a teeny tiny angled brush. I use the wee angled brush and the wax to stick my brow hairs into the shape I want as they are determined to point directly downwards if I don't wrangle them into form. This is also the point where I fill in any bald spots and extend the tail down further. I then go in and set the brows with a Mixture of Mac Mystery eyeshadow which  is a cool dark brown and the darkest colour in the Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad in Siren which is a very dark grey brown. I use the Ecotools angled brush for this, as it is nice and sharp and the bristles are still so I get a precise shape. That's it! Very quick, defined and stays put all day. YES!

Happy nail polish that lasts for ages!
I am hard on my nails. I bite them, I pick at them and I am constantly fiddling with stuff so if I find some polishes that stick around for more than a couple of days then I am a very happy lady. These two colours are really fun for spring or summer or whichever season we are now in, and the formulas are both great!

Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Blue Waterlilies is a soft pale blue with a hint of periwinkle and a very subtle golden shimmer throughout. The brush is nice, it is opaque at two coats and lasts on me for 5 days with only some tip wear. It is not super glossy so some people may prefer to use a top coat, but I like it as it is as it is not too in your face but super pretty nonetheless. Essie Nail Lacquer in Capri is a hot reddish orange with a glossy finish. I think it looks so fresh and stylish, a fun twist of classic red nails that is perfect for summer. It is perfectly opaque at two coats, and you can even get away with one thick layer. Totally gorgeous!

Summer moisture
I thought I would renew my Glossybox subscription as I love the feeling of getting a little package of goodies to try out every month and my favourite product from last month's box was this moisturiser from L'Occitane. The Angelica Hydration Cream has a wonderful fresh, herby smell and is incredibly light on the skin. It is usually £30 for a little 50ml pot so the chances of my purchasing this again are slim to none, however I will enjoy it while I still have it. It feels very gentle on my tired skin and feels super refreshing.

Heroes behind the scenes
As I have been playing with makeup nearly every day these little troopers have been getting an awful lot of use, so it only seems fair to give them some love too! I have never really loved the Urban Decay Primer Potion as much as I wanted to, so in my search for an alternative I came across the W7 Prime Magic Eye Primer. It doesn't look lie much in the tube, but this bargain product works really well for preventing eyeshadow from creasing. Sticking stuff to my face is great fun, and DUO Eyelash Adhesive is the absolute best took for this as it dries quickly and stays for as long as you need it to. My Beauty Addiction Foiling and Lining Medium is a great tool is you are using loose pigments as it works as an amazing base to bring out the shine in shadows, but most of all I love using it to make coloured eyeliners. So much fun to be had.

My new hair!
My pinky lilac locks were fading fast and I need to make myself look somewhat presentable for prospective employers now that I am no longer a student, so out the dye came! One box of Clairol Nice 'n Easy Non Permanent hair colour is #83 Black later, with a streak of pale lilac left out and I am more gothy than distinguished but I totally love it. There's nothing like a dramatic style change to make you feel all shiny and new. The dye is a deep, true black and covered my bleached hair very easily and left no patches at all. I would definitely recommend this!

I hope you enjoyed this new format of blog post for me. What were your favourite things in May?

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  1. great products! I always seem to have a reaction to the duo lashglue or maybe I am just way to impatient with applying lashes because my eyes always start watering :( And I still love your hair! Still very unique !

    1. It could be a sensitivity to latex? I think they do a latex free option. Thank you!

    2. now that is a great point, I should look into that! <3

  2. i loveeee ur hair color!!!

  3. Heather, always love your makeup. You remind me of my daughter. I just hope she doesn't pierce anything! But seriously, you do a great job!
    I Am THE Makeup Junkie

    1. Thank you! Maybe if I keep getting piercings then she won't xD

  4. wow, amazing new hair color :) I always wanted to dye black but everyone said I'm too pale. You look wonderful!

    1. Thank you! I'm pale too but I love my dark hair. Who cares what anyone thinks, I'm snow white now!

  5. oooo I really want to try the E.L.F Eyebrow Kit, it's so affordable!

    Emily Jane xo

  6. STUNNING!! love the make-up and hair:) xx

  7. Great makeup!!

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