The Ladyboys of Bangkok Makeup Challenge - My glittery Stargazer Butterfly

This is a post I have been very excited about! I was recently asked, along with a few other excellent UK beauty bloggers to take part in the Ladyboys of Bangkok Makeup Challenge with Stargazer cosmetics. The Ladyboys of Bangkok were recently performing their new show Glamorous Amorous in Brighton, my home town and generally the best place ever, and are touring the country as we speak!

I'm a big fan of Stargazer products, particularly for their hair dyes, glitter shakers and fantastic eyelashes, and for this look I was sent a selection of super bright products to play with with a definite theme of pink and blue emerging.

Get a load of these lashes! They are absolutely enormous but a lot of fun for a super dramatic look like this.

When coming up with ideas for my look I was thinking about the amazing transformation of the Ladyboys, that metamorphose into these beautiful performers for their dazzling shows. From there, and inspired by those huge fluttering lashes, I came to the idea of a colourful, glitter drenched butterfly! The exaggerated shapes may have been influenced a little by my obsessive trawling through Alex Box's makeup artistry and the super cool Under Blue Light's cartoonish fantasy makeup.

I really went all out on the eyes for this one. The initial basis for the shape was very much taken from drag makeup - covered eyebrows, cut crease and ultra lifted brows but then I went a little artsy with sticking on little pearls and rhinestones all across the crease, heaps of glitter and the under eye curlicues.

I loved those crazy pink lashes and was determined to use them, so for this I cut off a centimetre long section from the inside end of the lash band and applied them to my created lower lashline like little wings. I think this is a really fun way to use these kinds of lashes in a way that doesn't necessarily take over the look, and is also much less heavy on the eyes if you aren't used to falsies.

Here is how it looked with the full set of lashes attached, even more dramatic in a Carnivale or Pride parade way, but I felt it hid all my individually stuck on gems and pearls which made me feel sad, so I decided to remove them.

This was so much fun! In fact I enjoyed this look so much that I couldn't bear to take it off when I went to Tesco for my weekly shop. There were a few horrified faces, but then again I guess they had never seen such a big butterfly.

Here's what I used for this look!

Glue Stick and spatula to cover eyebrows
Stargazer Rose Pink (flourescent) eyeshadow all over brows and down to crease
Sugarpill Flamepoint at inner part of upper crease shadow and up to new brows
Sugarpill Poison Plumon lower lashline and blended out with Dollipop
Stargazer UV Orange glitter shaker all over upper crease, adhered with cheapy glitter liner
Darling Girl cosmetics Bubbles pigment over Sugarpill Tako on the lid and inner corner
ELF Eye Transformer in blue over inner corner for more shimmer
Maybelline Eye studio Gel Liner to line the eyes and crease lines to mimic butterfly wings
Snazaroo Clown White face paint mixed with a little Sugarpill Afterparty for brows and dots beneath eyes
Collection Glam Crystals glitter eye liner in Le Freak on inner part of brows
Stargazer Diamonte Coloured Diamonds (clear) on crease, with other ebay gems
Stargazer Pink Feathered False Eyelashes #53 cut and applied.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 10
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether all over the face as setting powder to give a soft golden sheen
Sugarpill Dollipop a blush on high points of cheeks
Dainty Doll blush in My Girl on apples of cheeks, nose, temples and chin

Stargazer Lipstick in 104 (turquoise with golden sheen) on upper lip
Barry M lip liner in 12 on lower lip with 17 Lasting Fix lipstick in Pink Power on top
Stargazer UV Orange glitter shaker applied to tacky lipstick

What do you guys think? I felt like a magical pixie creature in all of this and was so happy to have been asked to take part in such a fun challenge! I am always blown away by the beautiful glamour makeup of the Ladyboys, but for this I wanted to put my own playful spin on it!

Have a wonderful, glittery week!

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  1. Stunning! Love the brows, the gems, the glitter, the lashes, the flower headband - beautiful work :)

  2. Absolutely love this look! Super creative, especially the use of the glitter shaker on the lips!!

    1. Thank you! I just wanted the glitter everywhere!

  3. I've just seen the one Lily did over on Beautysbadhabit.

    You've both done a fantastic job! Definitely lives up to the ladyboys of Bangkok!

    Definitely feeling the brows!


    1. Thank you! The brows kinda make me want to shave my real ones off and draw them on an inch higher everyday. Not really, but it;s fun. :D

  4. Wow! This look is amazing, it's absolutely Beautiful! :) x

  5. wow! This looks awesome! Well done!

  6. This is absolutely stunning! Your looks are always amazing!

  7. Wow! This is so beautiful and gorgeous! I love all your makeup looks!


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