Green With Envy - Two Makeup Looks based around the Pantone Colour of the Year: Emerald

I think green is probably one of my favourite colours in the world. It's very versatile, but I don't really wear it very often at all. I think it clashed quite a lot with my pink hair, but I really like it next to my new lavender locks! Since I hear Emerald is the colour of the year then it's a good time to wear some green!

This was my look of the night for Eurovision (my favourite night of the year), which I had done for Aqeela's Weekly Makeup Tag but kept on as I really liked it! I'm not sure if green and gold were the national colours for any of the entries, but either way I am dedicating this to the glorious Greek entry: Alcohol Is Free! That was a toe tapper and a half.

The products I used were:
My Beauty Addiction Shadiw Poxy all over lids as primer
Sugarpill Midori on inner and outer corners of upper and lower lids
My Beauty Addiction Burnished pigment in centres
Sleek Bad Girl palette - Dark Green to deepen outer corners
Sleek Original Palette - Olive green to blend edges
BH Cosmetics Liquid Liner pen
Jelly Pong Pong Mascara (still testing this one out)

Next up is green at it's summery brightest! Inspired by kiwis for the Dark Heart Designs summer fruits collaboration, I had a lot of fun with this one! I'm still practising with cut creases, as I think they are a very flattering eyeshadow shape, especially if you have slightly hooded lids but a lot of upper lid space. Having a bit more going on above the crease stops it looking like my eyebrows are floating up off the top of my head. I would definitely wear this out, but I had only one eye done by the time I had to go buy milk from the shop so it had to go.

My Beauty Addiction Shadow Epoxy as primer
Sugarpill Tako on the lid and inner corner
Illamasqua Pivot eyehsadow above the crease and underneath the eye
Sugarpill Acidberry to brighten the green closer to the crease
Sugarpill Midori mixed with Acidberry to create little lines radiating outwards like on a kiwi, and a little in the deepest part of the crease
Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in 100% Black in a big winged shape and little above crease for kiwi seeds
Collection Glam Crystals glitter liner in Rock Chic

I also quite liked it without the glitter liner. It's a little more subtle that way. But only a little. Which do you guys prefer?

How do you like green, is it a favourite or one to avoid? It makes my brown eyes look very orange!

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  1. OMG! Kiwi eyes girl!! This is amazing! I love it with and without glitter! x

  2. Green is one of my favourite colours. I ADORE both of these looks! Must try a highlight in the middle of the lid soon... I'm really curious about how it'll look on me.

    1. Thanks! After fearing the centre highlight for ages I actually love it. It makes your eyes look very ROUND :D

  3. Such beautiful creations - love the kiwi inspired eye makeup.



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